The Case of the Oxford Wardrobe Murder, Chapterette 7

A Side Issue

Gregor stands upon a rosewood threshold plate, gently rocking his body back and forth on the camber, observing the Junior Pathologists manoeuvre down the staircase. He admires their dexterity. They successfully transport the murder victim without a single bump or scrape. Carrie lays open a black polythene bag on the stretcher and with the body in place, Kayako leans over and seals it closed. Watching, as they leave through the front door, Gregor rubs the back of his neck and head with his hand.
What next? He thinks to himself. Continue reading “The Case of the Oxford Wardrobe Murder, Chapterette 7”

The Case of the Oxford Wardrobe Murder – chapterette 6

“How the hell did she get in here?” Stunned, Rossepière embeds fingers into the dense forest of his hair, cupping a palm to his temple. The forensic science officer pulls back, allowing Gregor to peer in at the crumpled figure slumped on the floor inside the wardrobe.
“Well I’ll be damned!” Gregor says, stamping his foot. “I’m completely astounded!” He daren’t look at Kayako, for he surely knows a crushing look of condescension awaits. Instead, hopeful for a merciful reception, he turns to Carrie. “She wasn’t in here all along, was she?” Continue reading “The Case of the Oxford Wardrobe Murder – chapterette 6”

The Case of the Oxford Wardrobe Murder – chapterette 5

Is This What You’re Looking For?
“Carrie! Oh my gosh Kayako! How the devil are you both, it’s been awhile.” Rossepièrre is standing halfway up the staircase; the two women dressed in pathology-green uniforms are inside the hallway holding a stretcher between them.
“Hello Jean-Claude, I’m good.” Carrie says, adjusting her grip on the stretcher to free a hand. She tucks a stray strand of a blonde hair behind her ear; sky-blue eyes gaze out from a fair complexion denied exposure to the sun. “Nice house.”
“Hey,” says Kayako, “what’s up, are you all done here yet?” The second morgue attendant grudgingly surveys her immediate surroundings. “Shit. Upstairs is it Jean-Claude?”
“I’m afraid so,” Rossepièrre says, “in a manner of speaking.”
“Oh,” Carries recoils at this statement, “have we got a bit here, a bit there and another bit somewhere else?” Continue reading “The Case of the Oxford Wardrobe Murder – chapterette 5”

The Mistaken Identity Situation

Gregor Samson as Artist Extraordinaire
Imagine being mistaken for someone famous, inhabiting their appearance and yet knowing you are not them. What kind of day could you have and how satisfying would it feel, to experience the life of an international celebrity? Might it be rather exciting, just for one day? Gregor Samson is about to find out, in this, his second easy read, short story adventure.
Interrupted by an early morning telephone call, we find our confused protagonist advised to expect an imminent delivery and collection. What follows is a journey during which Gregor meets warm-hearted individuals, discovers the language of dance, acts as guide to royalty and finally, meets face-to-face with his nemesis.
After reading, you may well ask yourself this, “Given control of the life belonging to someone famous, what exactly might I do?”

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The Case of the Oxford Wardrobe Murder – Chapterette 4

A Nice Cup of Tea
An under-sized teaspoon stirs one white and blue-patterned bone china cup filled with tea, and then another. The quantity of milk administered is – by chance, exactly the correct amount to produce a balanced and refreshing drink. Having retired downstairs to the parlour, Gregor stands thoughtful by an occasional table, Rossepièrre sits in an upholstered Chippendale copy. Continue reading “The Case of the Oxford Wardrobe Murder – Chapterette 4”

The Case of the Oxford Wardrobe Murder – Chapterette 3

A Body
Gregor ascends the staircase. At the top, we watch as he struggles to open a stair-gate, his fingers ever more frantically twisting the sleeved locking mechanism one way, then the other. All efforts without joy. After giving it a good rattle and a few whispered expletives, he opts for the leg-over manoeuvre.
A man fitting the description for Rossepiérre is standing in a bedroom doorway. He holds a wooden-handled magnifying glass and is concentrating his stare at what looks like a small black mark on the door frame.
“Put on a pair of those blue PVC plastic overshoes,” he says without breaking away, “I’ll be with you in a minute.” Gregor sees a small box right in front of him. “Be careful when you first walk in them, they’re as slippy as hell.” Continue reading “The Case of the Oxford Wardrobe Murder – Chapterette 3”

Heaven and Hell, and In-Between

Available as an ebook on Amazon.
Heaven and Hell, and In-Between

Brinkinfield’s first foray into the world of Amazon, a short story of 5,357 words split into three sections and an epilogue. This work heralds the very first introduction of Gregor Samson, a character seen in development here and set to star in a series of future, gently humorous short stories.
Within this instalment we observe Gregor as an ordinary fellow, liking nothing better than eating his dinner in front of the television with a schedule of viewing mapped out in advance. On this particular evening, he had not expected death to come upon him. In fact, he’d mistaken it for a case of bad indigestion.
As we know, death is not the end, only the beginning of a new journey. And yet, would you have ever expected the next life to be complicated and bureaucratic – that there would be a place for clipboards, lists and databases? Surely there would be no use for such things?
Well, there might be, they’re dealing with a lot of numbers.
Within these words, we follow Gregor on his other-worldly travels and share in the experience of shame, embarrassment, the fantasies and challenges he is faced with along the way.
After reading, you may ask yourself, “How would I fare, come my own day of judgement?”