Thanks & Dedications

Thanks & dedications for inspirations, understandings, patience, love and friendships.
(alphabetical order)

Alexa, Aoife, Bram, Cachoss, Evangela, Franz, Gene, Gill, Gintarė, God, Honey, Issa, Jack, James, Karen, Lucille, Michael, Mr Benn’s creator David, Nali, New York Public Library, Nikki and the girls, Olya from Kyiv, Otto, Parker-Gilmore, Raymond, Robin, Silke, Valerie, Yoshimitsu, Zuzka, and all those spoken with, listened to, seen and unseen, without whom this short form fiction and poetry may never have reached the light of day nor seen the blackness of the night.

Special thanks to: appropriation artist A Dog Who Loves Cats (formerly known across the world as pedrov_dog), for collage and AI art, the inspiration for the stories and poems, and for passing on the useful advice to remember during the times I am feeling down: When one door is closed, God opens up several windows.

(Appox. Translation from original Brazilian-Portugeuse: Quando se fecha uma porta, Deus abre várias janelas.)