Bit About Me

Ahoy there!
I don’t know much about anything, therefore in the mean time, I write short form fiction and poetry. I hope you like something of what you read here.

Born in 2016 as a writer, Brinkinfield is neither my first name, any one of my middles names, nor my surname. Instead, it has been created as a pen-name. Chosen primarily because it holds sentimental meaning, relating to a place I grew up, where – for a few short years – I felt happy with life, despite being bullied at school.

I have three cats living with me and one day I might like a dog as well. Birds visit my back garden, hedgehogs used to, but not so much any more – and I don’t hardly see any bats either – not since new houses were built on nearby fields, a few years back.

I am taller when standing, shorter when seated. This concludes about as much as I’m prepared to divulge here and covers most of what’s important.

Wish you were here.

There are people I am grateful to for their help, love, patience and support. I have created a separate page for this: CLICK HERE