Pleased to meet you, my name is Pete.

The composite photo currently featured on this page shows an unsuccessful submission for the Summer Exhibition 2017, at the Royal Academy of Arts, Piccadilly, London. A bit of a disappointment to be turned down, but there you go! It’s a great, annual show, if you ever have the chance to see it.

Brinkinfield is not my first name, nor my surname. No, it is being developed as a pen-name, chosen as it has sentimental meaning to me, relating to what seems like a faraway place now, where I spent around 7 years of my early childhood.

To be able to justify holding a pen-name, I feel strongly, I need to get down to some writing. Pretty much my first attempts, are here on this WordPress site. I am learning and improving, as I go along.

Check out my ‘advice’ page, if you feel like it. It’s where I note down all the tips I have picked up along the way.