Thank you for visiting, I am a writer of short form fiction.

Brinkinfield is neither my first name, nor my surname. Instead, it is being developed as a pen-name, chosen as it has sentimental meaning to me, relating to what now seems a faraway place, where I spent maybe 7 years of my early childhood.

What else…?

I have three cats living with me and I would one day like a dog – and maybe another cat to decide to join me also.

I am taller when standing, shorter while seated.

I wear my hair short – very short since losing a proportion of hair follicles. Like Victoria over Albert, I grieve my loss and expect to mourn forever. Also like Victoria, I am permanently clad in black – although with a little less lace.

Anyway, less about me, more about… oh, more about me! As the stories and poetry contained within these virtual pages are highly autobiographical. However this information is strictly between you and I, okay..?