The Princess' Hair (~1,450 words)

Since waking and despite a deceptively calm appearance, sat alone in the spartanly furnished kitchen, Bryan eagerly tracks the arrival of a delivery. A web page displayed on his kitchen table laptop, shows a pinpointed map and a thick red line reaching towards his address. Midway through pouring a morning cup of tea, the sound… Continue reading The Princess' Hair (~1,450 words)

Double Reverse Mormon

"But..." Katie hesitated, what she'd just heard made no sense to her. "A double reverse Mormon thing situation." Aware of the relative silence inside the public library, aside from the muffled sound of pages turned and throats cleared, she half whispered "What the fuck is that?""Well." Maya glanced at Erik, seeking a signal he was… Continue reading Double Reverse Mormon

At School The Following Day…

The sounding of the morning bell drew the schoolchildren inside, leaving Pembrooke School's Religious Education teacher, Greta Astonberry, caught in the middle of the playground, deep in thought. "Hey," Harry asked as he passed by, "are you okay?""Harry - Mr Buckley, good morning." Greta replied, brought back with apparent suddenness to her surroundings by the… Continue reading At School The Following Day…

What They Became

From a series of short form fictions taking inspiration from collage. For a moment, Mr Andrews stood stock still - dismayed and shocked. Then, with the ice cold water seeping down through his clothes, he lifted the upturned plastic bucket free from his head. The muffled giggling he'd heard start only seconds ago, now became… Continue reading What They Became

Story Of My Life

From a series of short form fictions taking inspiration from collage. It was half way through the lunch break. Everyone else had gone outside to eat their sandwiches in the sunshine, leaving just these two colleagues sat together in the admin office, deep in conversation. "Yeah, well that's the story of my life, I guess."… Continue reading Story Of My Life

No Use Sitting Here Moping

From a series of short form fictions taking inspiration from collage. My parents' bodies have been taken over by aliens. It's come as no surprise to me, really. It's been happening right across the country, since the beginning of the year. It was only a matter of time - I think even my parents realised… Continue reading No Use Sitting Here Moping