Back at the Nursing Home

It all happened three years ago Yet I remember Like it was only yesterday * My care-worker Kontiki From French Polynesian Tahiti Some warned watch her, she's definitely sneaky * Turns out, she had possession of everlasting life An elixir that turned back the clock To youthfulness and immortality * But she didn't want it… Continue reading Back at the Nursing Home

New York City Cop

They said that I ain't too smart I tell you from the lowest reach of my heart This, is what I appreciate, in art Butterfly, garden flower pollinatorSquish you between my fingersHalf a world away, waterfalls reverse Nature, naturalism or naturalist?Have you ever raised an angry fist?Or bothered with some dumb bucket list? Butterfly, garden… Continue reading New York City Cop

The Smiling Ballerina (~900 words)

It's been a while, hasn't it? Way back, in the early 2020s, I owned a café-bar in Söder, Stockholm, called Mellan Broarna, the meaning of which made sense, if you happened to be familiar with the island. Known locally for late hours, fine schnapps, a range of delicious smørrebrød and original entertainment, we welcomed local… Continue reading The Smiling Ballerina (~900 words)

We Went Everywhere Together

It's true, with my job as restaurant critic for Food World magazine, we went everywhere together. With a mission to cover all fourteen states of the Eastern Seaboard, the last 12 months had seen Jürgen and I move around regularly. Typically, while I developed an extensive directory of remarkable places to eat, he'd take up… Continue reading We Went Everywhere Together

Like Someone Coming Out of a Trance

Like someone coming out of a trance. Tie-dye pattern, white, blue and lime green hat. How I reached this seismic fashion statement, Known only to Gods and Prophets. Revelations they're not revealing. Noticed on the street. Pedestrians make way, doors held open, traffic stops. Café coffee refills, merely for a presence. 'Live' advertising, Eye-candy snagging… Continue reading Like Someone Coming Out of a Trance

Elena’s Gifts

Outside Pulkovo airport on a fresh, springlike, early summer morning, Alexander wrapped his arms around Elena and positioned an affectionate, slightly moist kiss upon her temple."Missed you." He whispered into her left ear."What?""I said I missed you.""Really? You sounded and looked fine, during our video-chats." Alexander gave Elena a squeeze, pulling her in, ever more… Continue reading Elena’s Gifts


Scientist:"Listen Doctor Wong,You've got it all wrong.No benefits are gained from 'Chinese medicine' concoctions." Doctor:"Blue-eyes, I object.Counter in effect.Our recipes are handed down through generations." Scientist:"Maybe as you say,But Mao Zedong had his way,in 1950 driving forward their popularisation." Doctor:"Young scientist, think you're hip?Well, just you regain your grip!To suggest political necessity and conniving motivation!"… Continue reading Suddenly

A Stroll Along the Quay

"Mike!" Alona shouted, her voice cutting through the mewing seagulls overhead. "You've got to pull yourself together. Come on, let's take a stroll, I need fresh air." Separated by an intentional gap, they headed across the car park towards the quayside. There, under watchful eyes of mothers, a huddle of children leant over the edge… Continue reading A Stroll Along the Quay

Later That Day …

The door to the café crashed open, violently rattling the glass inside its frame, as in stormed a middle-aged gentleman dressed in tweed. "I came as soon as I could." Rebecca heard Dr Brennan say. She watched, as he placed a brown leather briefcase upon the table before her. "You realise that as of yesterday,… Continue reading Later That Day …

Judi Came Around

Since waking two hours earlier than his alarm, Gregor remains in a state of tension. Four knocks on the front door cause his anxiety to rapidly climb. In the time taken to respond, he's flattened his hair neatly, pulled at the sleeves and hem of his plaid shirt, wiped both hands on the back of… Continue reading Judi Came Around