birthday bed sheets (short story 1,571 words)

With some difficulty, Super Dan climbed in through the Police Commissioner’s fourth floor office window, displacing several ornaments and a dried flower arrangement onto the plush carpet.
“You called?” he said panting to catch his breath while pulling the long sleeves of his gloves back into place.
“Yes Dan Man! We need your help and also some of your assistance.” said the Police Commissioner.
“Hey, hold on! I’m Super Dan, not Dan Man.” Continue reading “birthday bed sheets (short story 1,571 words)”

what did you just say? (short story 1,865 words)

Warning: this short story contains some swear words, implied nudity and chauvinistic ‘pigotry’, all deemed as essential to the plot.

Finally, what took you so long? It’s a bit late to still be lazing around in bed. Here, take the bloody parcel, I’ve got a shed-load to get through this morning and I’m falling behind just by talking to you. You’ve absolutely no idea.” Continue reading “what did you just say? (short story 1,865 words)”


After a hard day at the office creating recipes for death on a massive-scale using famine and persecution, while saving some time for wanton destruction of cultural artefacts and so on, there was nothing Mao Zedong liked more, than playing with children’s building blocks.

personal-best for briefest date

may I start by saying
it’s love me love my horse
you said before you left

I asked where is your horse
do I get to meet the creature

it would help enormously
with reaching such a big decision

…and goodbye


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