But Next Day

The first instalment from a series of short form fiction; inspiration taken from collage by pedrov_dog Mother said there's no point learning to drive, but next day this man arrives saying he's my driving instructor. There're things about him I don't like. I don't like his clothes or his beard, how he talks to me… Continue reading But Next Day

Is There Anybody Out There?

There's no one out there,I've determined.When help is needed, Or a valid complaint is made,Deserving of an answer.I'm basically talking to the stars. Although simply put,It supports the idea,Of a programmer,Responsible for my life simulation. Because, He/She/They don't know the answers.They maybe studying, experimenting,Perhaps having some recreational fun.Or, I am a pet. Originally,A novelty.But God… Continue reading Is There Anybody Out There?

Snowflake vs Yam

Every snowflake is uniqueThey say -Those People who say such things Who am I to doubt?And The People who hear such thingsThose People say "Wow!" "As is every yam"A dear friend said to me"No two yams are exactly the same" And yet, The People who hear such thingsThose People seem less than impressedBy this particular… Continue reading Snowflake vs Yam

The Scientists Say

Some scientists now sayThis pale blue dotHas had it's day.The scientists say,Today this pale blue dot,Is more a dirty grey. Over centuries of spewing out pollution,Beyond Earth, the Solar System.Our rubbish has now conversed,With the outer Universe. And the scientists are now saying,The possibilities are weighing,Toward catastrophic Divine Retribution,The end point for all Evolution. But… Continue reading The Scientists Say

Meditation Yawns

So, I'm sat in a group, meditating,The guy next to me yawns.He squeaks around in his wooden chair,Pulls his sleeves up, Rubs his arm, Yawns again.More chair squeaks. And again, a yawn - Wide, quiet, But clearly audible, To me,Like through headphones,Air rushing into those two lungs. His stomach rumbles.Then, another yawn.I'm serious, These yawns… Continue reading Meditation Yawns