The Art of Appreciation

For more years than I can count, I have occasionally been asked by random strangers to provide an in-depth interpretation of the pictures I use for my writing. It seems to me that the majority of people, members of the general public have an insatiable hunger to understand the exact psychology going on inside my head. Today, I am happy to reveal all for the benefit of those simply too shy to ask me directly.

Take this picture as an example. Unless my memory has faded to a worrying level, I have not yet used this image as a prompt for a short story or several stanzas of poetry. So, what can I tell you about it? What does this work of art say to me?
First off, we see a man, uncertain of his sexuality. This is clear by the expression on his face and the way his left hand has fallen between his legs, in a protective manner. Remember Adolf Hitler? Renown for a deficit in the average number of gonads? You’ll recall how he was usually photographed with a hat in front of his nether regions, or hands interlocked in the same place, when his hat was on his head. I’m not saying the person pictured is one ball less than normal (nor a despotic monster), but looking at those fingers, I’d say:
“Something’s going on there for sure!”
Next, let’s look at the bull, a most virile symbol if ever there was one! With an arm around the shoulders of the bull, is the man saying: “I love you bull, I want you to impregnate me.” I believe the presence of an erect horn and the bull’s dreamy eyes, confirms our interpretation.
But wait! Is there something else? Something you have all missed? Look hard, look harder still. It’s actually in front of your nose:
The man is wearing a dress and there is a suggestion of a pair of boobies concealed under the silken material.
My conclusion, this is a man consumed with confusion. Perhaps something that each one of us can relate to. The other three fragments that compose the picture seem not to have any bearing. Except, the one in the top right of the picture may well be skin and some fuzzy hair.
Fuzziness, this seems a good word to finish on.
So I will:

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