Some Kind Of Sick Joke

The third instalment from a series of short form fiction; inspiration taken from collage by pedrov_dog That was some weird experience. One minute I’m at Susie's party, dancing - with Susie and Beth under the disco ball and the next, said disco ball - without warning, falls from the ceiling, lands on my head, knocking… Continue reading Some Kind Of Sick Joke

Is Global Chaos Awareness Simply Relative to One’s Age?

I had a small idea of what was going onbefore teen years, but really not so much andI had no reason to deal with it, directly At 16 - 21, more ideabut life was busy, I remained occupied, enraptured or stonedwhichever, what happened out there, I really didn't share in From that point on, I… Continue reading Is Global Chaos Awareness Simply Relative to One’s Age?