My Superpower

Often asked “If you had a superpower … ?”
My answer is ready prepared,
printed on business cards,
to present, along with my notoriously charming
chipmunk smile.

Set in a fancy font within a scroll border,
It reads:

My preferred choice for a superpower is
to be able to dematerialise into nothing,
at will,
rematerialising in any place I so did choose,
back into myself, fully intact.
Along, with these following, built-in provisos:
1. Anyone within my vicinity, 
looking in my direction,
just before my dematerialisation,
would find themselves turning away,
without questioning why.
Thus, ensuring my superpower would remain a secret from others.
2. On my reappearance at some other place,
the same scenario, no one would be looking.
3. I would always arrive in a safe place, fully clothed and with plenty of cash in my pockets.
4. I could bring back unlimited souvenirs.