v-sign man

Brrr-rrr-rrrp. Brrr-rrr-rrrp. Brrr-rrr-rrrp. ‘click’ Connolly: Central monitoring, Connolly here. Douglas: Chief, Douglas here, we’ve got a reocurrence on the CCTV network, popping up all over the show. Thought it best to report. Connolly: A recurrence? Douglas: Yes boss, a recurrence. That’s what I meant. Connolly: What kind of recurrence? You got a software bug there?…… Continue reading v-sign man

space time communion

A short burst of escaping pressurised air caused his eyelids to lighten, lift, fall shut and re-open. A blurred impression of the outside came inside, a white ceiling, monitor equipment emitting a pulse tone and figure standing nearby. A voice echoed inside his ears, gradually becoming more clear. He felt smooth fingers stroke the top…… Continue reading space time communion

more than two

“Basically,” Sue said to Hannah, “computer simulation theory is split into three separate suppositions.” Hannah, sitting opposite Sue, stared into a space, her attention drifting. A gingham patterned tablecloth, wooden chair and contrasting coloured floor tiles blurred together, swirling in a clockwise direction. Taking hold of the teaspoon in her coffee cup, she stirred the…… Continue reading more than two

exclusive interview

Utilising the marvels of interweb technology, the following is the transcript of my recent radio show broadcast where I am in interview with Jan Futchinelle, l’enfant terrible investigative reporter creating a name for himself in the modern medieval city of Oxford and well beyond these county lines. For anyone out there who calls living under a…… Continue reading exclusive interview

car ban or carbon?

My dearly devoted Readers, how often I am asked: “What news of Oxford, friend! Tell us, won’t you just?” Alright, alright, okay, I press pause on my own humble ramblings and offer-up an answer to this very query. Here, I present a shooting star amongst Oxford’s Glitterati, a journalist I strongly identify with, delivering the qualities of…… Continue reading car ban or carbon?

OCD Stories: Perpendicular Pat (part one)

No one knew where Pat had come from or how he’d landed the driver’s job. A transfer from an outlying British Oversea Territory became the favoured theory, amongst work colleagues. As a tall and broad-shouldered man, no one cared to challenge or question Pat. During the household waste collection rounds, neighbours noticed how he approached…… Continue reading OCD Stories: Perpendicular Pat (part one)