I Can Explain

From a series of short form fictions taking inspiration from collage “I’m not accustomed to being referred to as ‘Love’, thank you very much.” Samuel Shepherd, sheep-herder ancestral, turned away from the headstrong young man. "And, despite your good luck with herding the flock this afternoon, I'm sorry Henning, but I do not see the… Continue reading I Can Explain

Max Ernst’s “Une Semaine de Bonté: Lundi, l’eau” (writing prompt)

Bernadette's Dream Max: Patrice, Patrice! Good God man, provide me with your assistance! Patrice: Nothing else matters now Max… Nothing, else, matters... Max: Patrice! Help me drag poor Marcel to safety. It did not work, he is close to death! You said the waters held healing powers. It is bullshit Patrice, complete bullshit! If you… Continue reading Max Ernst’s “Une Semaine de Bonté: Lundi, l’eau” (writing prompt)