The Princess’ Hair (~1,450 words)

Since waking and despite a deceptively calm appearance, sat alone in the spartanly furnished kitchen, Bryan eagerly tracks the arrival of a delivery. A web page displayed on his kitchen table laptop, shows a pinpointed map and a thick red line reaching towards his address. Midway through pouring a morning cup of tea, the sound… Continue reading The Princess’ Hair (~1,450 words)

Can I Really?

From a series of short form fictions taking inspiration from collage “Can I really? Can I stay to help you? Will you let me?” Although Princess Marrigova hardly knew the young man, a mystery concealed within his gentle gaze gave reassurance. Today, she thought, would be the beginning of a new chapter in her life.… Continue reading Can I Really?

when nothing’s inside my head (and I have no clue what to say)

Unsure if the darkened cafe is actually openI sweep inside, straight past the hostsDespite their earnest efforts to engagePrincess Charlotte says I look 'dapper' -Referring to my outfit She - with dark blue eyesDual German-Irish princess, by birth-rightStill, I penetrate deeper into the darkened spaceIgnoring the time-spent on decorationsI don't register such things So, I… Continue reading when nothing’s inside my head (and I have no clue what to say)