Next Morning

From a series of short form fictions taking inspiration from collage “Listen!” Gabriela held still, training her ear to the initial drops of rain splotching against the bedroom window. “Don’t you just love that sound?”Opening his eyes, adjusting to the environment, Duncan considered the question. This soon gave way to a deeper analysis inside his… Continue reading Next Morning

Who the Hell is a “Morning Person”?

Who the hell is a "morning person"?Is it a trait passed down the linethrough the genes?They who wake up,look fresh,rejuvenated,smiling.Heavenly. Me,A character from folklore,mythology.Twisted,caught up - bound in the bedclothes,struggling free.My eyes hurt by the light,can't read the time,don't know if I'm late or early. Sway into wallstake rest against door frames,battle my way to… Continue reading Who the Hell is a “Morning Person”?

OCD Stories: Toast

Bethany adds two further ingredients, transforming the toast into a snack. Butter (soft, unrefrigerated) and a sticky, dark brown paste with a strong distinctive and salty flavour.
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