How We Met and Why It Works

From a series of short form fictions taking inspiration from collage Bertrand's story..."We first met at a weekly meditation class. On this particular evening, the teacher had facilitated a discussion about the practice of mettā in meditation. How the creation of benevolent thoughts, wishing peace, openness of the heart, healing and love were beneficial. During… Continue reading How We Met and Why It Works

Meditation Yawns

So, I'm sat in a group, meditating,The guy next to me yawns.He squeaks around in his wooden chair,Pulls his sleeves up, Rubs his arm, Yawns again.More chair squeaks. And again, a yawn - Wide, quiet, But clearly audible, To me,Like through headphones,Air rushing into those two lungs. His stomach rumbles.Then, another yawn.I'm serious, These yawns… Continue reading Meditation Yawns

Extortionist Contortionist

Well, not a contortionist as such, more a yoga teacher. Technically-speaking, I'm not altogether sure if extortion is quite the right word, but along with her American gentleman friend, she robbed clients blind. However, the real scandal is I let them go. I did not report them to the police or to the Yogi High Commission,… Continue reading Extortionist Contortionist