A Whole Lot of Rubbish Too

I looked through the albums
of the Beatles recently,
studied track listings
and listened
to unfamiliar tunes.

Most of the little known songs
are pretty seriously
mediocre, in comparison
to the ones known well.

It’s true of the Stones too,
when you look.
Bowie and ABBA.

In actual fact,
it’s true of nearly every band
or performer.
Or writer, poet, painter, actor,

There’s a whole lot more rubbish
out there they did,
than the good stuff.

This probably comes as no surprise
to you.

Who the Hell is a “Morning Person”?

Who the hell is a “morning person”?
Is it a trait passed down the line
through the genes?
They who wake up,
look fresh,

A character from folklore,
caught up –
bound in the bedclothes,
struggling free.
My eyes hurt by the light,
can’t read the time,
don’t know if I’m late or early.

Sway into walls
take rest against door frames,
battle my way to the bathroom –
an epic journey.

Stumble down the stairs.
Hate, that I didn’t clean the coffee pot
the day before.
Wash, rinse, prepare.
Stand and wait.

As soon as the caffeine hits,
life begins to slowly seep back.
A treatment of the symptom,
but not the cause.
Could I change?

What would I have to do
to become a “morning person”,
rather than the “morning person
from Hell”
I am.

Barefoot in Church

Is it a strange urge
to go barefoot in church?
Although broadly ignorant of customs,
I know it’s okay in some places.
In some religions it might be a condition
of entry, for a place of worship.

But I’m not sure,
as I say, a lack of education
and of a will to research now
to know, leaves me in the dark.

if stumbled upon and seen,
will I be challenged,
forcibly ejected?

“And why mister?
Why’d you want to go barefoot
in church, in the first place?”
it’s a sensory thing
is all I can think, in answer
to this particular question.

In the usual manner
entering a church –
shoes and socks firmly in place.
I kind of absorb something
of the atmosphere inside,
and this generates feelings inside of me.

“Well what kind of feelings are those, weirdo?”
I don’t know.

Feelings of calm and peace?
There is beauty in the construction
and decoration,
I touch a wall,
feel the stonework.
Admire artwork,
consider inscriptions.
Enjoy the

Even in a small church,
there is a lot of empty space around me.

Anyway, so I did it.
I found a church.
Empty, yet with it’s main door wide open,
which felt symbolic for the matter at hand.

No one inside.
With antenna fine tuned,
able to hear the advance warning of
somebody approaching from the outside.
I felt safe.

Shoes and socks slipped off with ease.
Socks in my pockets (ankle socks)
Shoes, on the floor, near my shoulder-bag.

I walked down the central aisle.
I walked into the chancel.
I walked up to the high altar.
I stood and considered,
Reviewed all sensations.

Back to the nave, more wanderings,
then sat.
Felt confident.

And also more connected to the experience
than ever before.

Although, would I like it
if everyone walked barefoot
in church?

when nothing’s inside my head (and I have no clue what to say)

Unsure if the darkened cafe is actually open
I sweep inside, straight past the hosts
Despite their earnest efforts to engage
Princess Charlotte says I look ‘dapper’ –
Referring to my outfit

She – with dark blue eyes
Dual German-Irish princess, by birth-right
Still, I penetrate deeper into the darkened space
Ignoring the time-spent on decorations
I don’t register such things

So, I actually made it to the Christmas fancy dress party!
Having left it ’til the last minute to decide
Congratulations are in order
No mean feat

Ignoring everyone I pass by
My mission is to disembark my coat
Find the safe place
Hat and scarf
To boot

Where is the drink?
Why wine?
Why white wine

Against red?

Move on
Notice Derek, chatting intensively
To shy Lina
Join them
Graciously elbow Derek out

Lina opens up
I nod head, agree
Say something wrong
She leaves

I disappear for a cigarette
Reappear, drawn to the Ladies in Waiting
I chew the fat, yet
Before I settle in
All six arise together and leave

I am doing well
Another cigarette, outside
Back in, attracted to Cordelia
The source of light
To a dusty old moth

“You look well. Pretty, you look, well pretty” 
Stumbling words
I am stared down by her friends
She leaves
To involve herself elsewhere

Secret Santa exchange begins
I watch my wrapped gift picked up
Several times and placed back down
I can’t bear to watch, find another table
Here’s Tara, locks tied back.

But it is exclusively me-talk
I can’t get a word in edgeways
Facing failure, I am elbowed out of the way
By a grandpa age-difference man
That’s how bad I performed

Full circle
I chat to the two Princess Charlottes
Explaining how my gift hasn’t been picked
Now I don’t want to give it away
I decide, so take it back for myself

Mild confusion ensues
I beg my leave
I retrieve coat, hat and scarf
I don’t look back
“If only I had said this…” all the way home