Give up your ill-gotten gainkings queens lords and dukesof lands where forests once thrivedmove out move on leave If your palaces, castles and manors decaycrumble down into the groundI care not one jot Ivy creep over all wallslet the roof fall indust and cobwebs catch the lightchandelier dull "An ancestral generalhe helped win a warblood… Continue reading Duke

A Whole Lot of Rubbish Too

I looked through the albums of the Beatles recently,studied track listingsand listenedto unfamiliar tunes.Most of the little known songsare pretty seriously mediocre, in comparison to the ones known well.It's true of the Stones too,when you look.Bowie and ABBA.In actual fact,it's true of nearly every bandor performer.Or writer, poet, painter, actor,ever.There's a whole lot more rubbishout… Continue reading A Whole Lot of Rubbish Too

Who the Hell is a “Morning Person”?

Who the hell is a "morning person"?Is it a trait passed down the linethrough the genes?They who wake up,look fresh,rejuvenated,smiling.Heavenly. Me,A character from folklore,mythology.Twisted,caught up - bound in the bedclothes,struggling free.My eyes hurt by the light,can't read the time,don't know if I'm late or early. Sway into wallstake rest against door frames,battle my way to… Continue reading Who the Hell is a “Morning Person”?