Be Happy

"Okay," Gina said, "let's get this straight right from the get-go. I am not your love, do you understand, Euan?" Gina fixed an icy stare onto the awkward young man."I'm just saying ... " Euan shuffled his feet and sank his hands deep into his pockets. "Look, why don't we pop into the museum, grab… Continue reading Be Happy


Unexpectedly rising out of the castle top, the giant rose, furrowing his brow and rubbing his nose, just like he might be about to sneeze. Initially, startled by his appearance, beachcombers on the sand below, felt doubly concerned, with rapid assessment given to the potential outcome. “Great giant, God-like seeming in so many ways, disturbed… Continue reading Giant


Scientist:"Listen Doctor Wong,You've got it all wrong.No benefits are gained from 'Chinese medicine' concoctions." Doctor:"Blue-eyes, I object.Counter in effect.Our recipes are handed down through generations." Scientist:"Maybe as you say,But Mao Zedong had his way,in 1950 driving forward their popularisation." Doctor:"Young scientist, think you're hip?Well, just you regain your grip!To suggest political necessity and conniving motivation!"… Continue reading Suddenly

Will He Ask Again?

Stationary on the driveway, Hattie killed the gentle purr of the electric motor housed under the bonnet of the newly converted and refurbished red Pontiac, 1969 GTO. Seconds before, she'd seen Wyatt watering the flower borders of the front yard outside his house. Despite attempts to avoid eye contact, it had happened. She watched as… Continue reading Will He Ask Again?

The Princess’ Hair (~1,450 words)

Since waking and despite a deceptively calm appearance, sat alone in the spartanly furnished kitchen, Bryan eagerly tracks the arrival of a delivery. A web page displayed on his kitchen table laptop, shows a pinpointed map and a thick red line reaching towards his address. Midway through pouring a morning cup of tea, the sound… Continue reading The Princess’ Hair (~1,450 words)

At School The Following Day…

The sounding of the morning bell drew the schoolchildren inside, leaving Pembrooke School's religious education teacher, Greta Astonberry, caught in the middle of the playground, deep in thought. "Hey," Harry asked as he passed by, "are you okay?""Harry - Mr Buckley, good morning." Greta replied, brought back with apparent suddenness to her surroundings by the… Continue reading At School The Following Day…