So, Evans City, film set for the classic horror film Night of the Living Dead. October 2018, Evans City host a Living Dead Weekend festival. The local library is hosting a mail art show, honouring movies that keep us awake at night. Deadline, October 1st 2018.

Send mail art to:

Evans City Public Library, 205 South, Jackson Street, Evans City, PA 16033 USA

The collage shown here, titled: “All Hail Evans City!”, is my submission.


Promoted by the New York Boyer Foundation, inviting anyone to participate in an international art exhibition.

Exhibition runs through November 2018 at the New York Public Library Hudson Park Branch.

The theme and media are open/free, dimensions, maximum size 8.5″x11″ (22cm x 28cm).

No sales, no jury, no returns.

Submission requires name, title, media, date, email address and website – if applicable.

Send to:

The New York Boyer Library Foundation, New York Big Apple IV Project, 161 Prince St., Apt. 2, New York, NY 10012-5338

Need more info? Email

All info on this post taken from International Union of Mail Artists (IUOMA), courtesy of Ruud Janssen.

The accompanying image to this post, is my own submission.

When a kid, I remember being told it’s illegal in the UK to ‘deface’ the head of the queen from money. If this also proves true of postage stamps, well… I guess I maybe in some trouble.