Before I Knew What A Trampoline Was

When I was smaller and growing,In the suburbs of old Aberdeen,Each bairn from our neighbourhood had, Turns out, their own trampoline. Above the back garden fences,Excitement accelerates skyward.Tri-umphant arms waved in the air,While leaping as high as they could. Intrigue provoked as I stared, Grappling the whole mystery.And how those high jumpers appeared,Only marginally older… Continue reading Before I Knew What A Trampoline Was

Is Global Chaos Awareness Simply Relative to One’s Age?

I had a small idea of what was going onbefore teen years, but really not so much andI had no reason to deal with it, directly At 16 - 21, more ideabut life was busy, I remained occupied, enraptured or stonedwhichever, what happened out there, I really didn't share in From that point on, I… Continue reading Is Global Chaos Awareness Simply Relative to One’s Age?