Miserable Old Goat

He climbed the stairs to the cafe,Struggled free from an overcoat, Scraped chair legs across the wood floor,Ugly sounds emerged from his throat. Long-suffering spouse soon followed,Dejected, rejected, despaired.Obliged to sit opposite him,While he'd never shown if he cared. The waitress approached and did ask,Of their morning shopping in town. Three words she got "He's… Continue reading Miserable Old Goat

W’rds I Didst Not Sayeth, But Hath Felt The Urge To… (A G’rmaphobe Writes)

H're satteth tabl'd in Oxf'rd's heart, Covet'd tav'rn from yesteryear.Present to hark on what folks doth sayeth, Trap their w'rds inside mine own weir. Hoyday! Nearby, a sir did request, A bombard of brown sauce to borrow.By sight, his wrinkly, bact'ria'd fing'rs, Hath brought unto me deepened sorrow. "Withdraw!" I demanded, "Wend hence with thee!… Continue reading W’rds I Didst Not Sayeth, But Hath Felt The Urge To… (A G’rmaphobe Writes)

Her (flash-fiction)

"Look!" Janine says, "I'm sure it's her." Maria glances across the café over the heads of the seated and towards those seeking free tables, trays balanced in their hands. "I wonder what she's doing in here." "Who? Where are you looking," inconspicuously, Maria scans each female face, "who am I supposed to recognise?" "Over there - she's… Continue reading Her (flash-fiction)

more than two

"Basically," Sue said to Hannah, "computer simulation theory is split into three separate suppositions." Hannah, sitting opposite Sue, stared into a space, her attention drifting. A gingham patterned tablecloth, wooden chair and contrasting coloured floor tiles blurred together, swirling in a clockwise direction. Taking hold of the teaspoon in her coffee cup, she stirred the… Continue reading more than two