Fran, Windenberger and I

Fran pours a little positivity into my cup
With a letter (finally) replying to my own
Enclosed with her letter an exhibition guide

‘Des images en partage’
Exposition Photographique
Jacques Windenberger

It’s all written in French.
But is relatively easy enough to comprehend
Within the booklet, examples flow
Yet, in this age of image saturation
I like some lots, I like some less so

Because, everyone does this sort of thing now
Everyone takes all different photos imaginable
Who has style any more?
Who has a distinct style?

Not Windenberger
Not me
Not you, either

But, there is always a
‘But there is always an…’

One photo

Windenberger’s greatest
Most triumphant
Work of Art

13 mai 1968
A combined trade union and student 
demonstration march
from the Gare de l’Est
to Denfert-Rochereau, Paris

Let’s not forget
16 days later
President Charles De Gaulle 
Fled La ville de la lumière et de l’amour 

Filled with fear
De Gaulle
Fled Paris

At Pl. Clemenceau
See Charles De Gaulle today
Postured walking
Caught in mid stride – no less!

Now clear that image from your mind
Let’s go back to the demonstration
To the atmosphere
The noise 
The bodies

Yes, let’s.
Because that’s where I am
I am the man in the middle
I want to be that man
I wannabe that man

I am the Man 
with the pretty girl 
sat on my shoulders
legs draped ‘round my neck
My sweaty hands stroke 
on her both her knees
her hand rests upon my forehead
her fingers run through my tousled hair

I am her horse

I am a man horse
Right there
And she, is sat astride my shoulders
As Joan of Arc
Her hair style
matched to fit a battle helmet
arm raised aloft with a flag
in command of her army


I will tire
I will stumble
I will sweat
breathe deeply
muscles drained
yet hold, no regrets

Not bloody likely

Actually, that’s me
in the foreground on the left
Cigarette in my left hand
reasonably content with my lot
Somewhat pensive
not looking like I’ll be getting into any kind of scuffle soon
More likely to get the boy than get the girl

But it doesn’t matter
Windenberger got his shot
and my friend Fran
made my day

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  1. Fran says:

    Thank you so much Peter, I like this picture too

    Liked by 1 person

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