Are You A Vampire Or Not?

is it childish to write about make-believe?
I am writing about vampires here

you didn’t find it funny when I raised
the subject of vampirism
and I’m still not exactly sure why
what nerve I touched there

the next time it came up
by chance
with your man present
you both exchanged a knowing glance
one that silently communicated something
what still I’m not sure

I realise the famous vampire didn’t come from around here
where you live

but you share a Slavic accent
strong not meek
which to my ears sound similar
to his depiction in the movies
when we hear him speak

if you were to say out loud
a quote lift dialogue
from that book
without wincing
to me it’d sound convincing

plus when I came to you
travelling from England
where it rains
across mountains to Slovakia
I noted how
we only ever went outside after dark
even when we visited the civic park

you held no fear of night time unlike me
nor the howling chorus from the forest wolves
you walked along care-free

in passing conversation
on world cuisine
you said you didn’t go in for French food
the flavours and fragrance

is it simply down to a perceived confusion
being made with Romania
when you actually have Moravia and not Transylvania

you will properly explain all this to me one day

I look at my long fingernails
notice how they have grown so quickly
since being in your country and in your company

are you going to tell me?
are you a vampire or not?

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