Throughout all my life
people have said
that I am a big-head

I had no understanding
of this
this thing that they said

‘Look’, I’d say
‘I am actually
rather unassuming’

‘How,” I’d continue with urgency
‘could you possibly
describe me as big-headed’

Usually to this appeal
I received no response
other than body language

that suggested
a lack of will
to contest

Even with friends
Until I resorted
to threats of violence

on one fine day
that broke the donkey’s back
I went on the attack

‘Come on then!’
I yelled to one poor mite
‘You want to fight, ay?’

‘Okay,’ came back the reply
‘just stand there
and drink your tea’

‘I can’t believe
that you don’t see’
said the replier

a Big Head’

it’s plain to see
You are Big-Headed’

‘You’ve got a big head
You’re head is big
Big + Head = You’

‘Oh, you mean out of proportion’
I asked rhetorically
‘to the rest of my body slightly’

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