What Was My Home

This is where I lived for many years
I recall
fighting back the tears
‘But Brink in Field – or whatever your name is’
you say to me
‘That’s no house that’s
something else’

I know
I know
It’s not much like a house
but that’s on purpose
You see
nobody visited me while I lived there and to be fair
that’s how I wanted it to be
That’s exactly how I wanted it to be

‘I struggle to believe what you say’ you say
‘It’s some sort of processing plant
for making the ingredients that come together to create concrete
or cement or something
That’s no house’

I’m right and you’re wrong
This was my house for nigh on 80 years
You see the upturned cylindrical-cone structure on stilts
positioned on the right-hand side of the photo?
That was my thinking room
I spent a lot of time in there

where’d you sleep?
Somewhere in the tall stack
in the middle?’
would you believe me if I told you I had sleeping facilities in each structure?
‘Suena bien
pero no’

The bathroom
luxury power shower
toilet pedestal and basin
these were collected together into the cylindrical section at the top
of the middle structure

Underneath this
a sound-proof play-space for music and that squarish building
with the sloped roof
that was the kitchen
fully kitted-out complete with breakfast bar
range cooker
a microwave for heating up haricot beans in a thin tomato sauce
a wooden kitchen table-for-two
two grand cushioned chairs
the frames constructed of pebbles stolen from a North Devonshire beach
A virtual assistant device
everything I ever needed

why’d you leave?’
Three reasons:
When it rained
it got extremely muddy outside
In the summer
dust just about everywhere
Plus ultimately
I felt the need for a change

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