Not for Now

I choose to shave
in the mornings
Although I have also,
at other times of the day
In the evening, for example

But in the mornings
it feels right
At other times
I am less inclined

At other times
the very concept,
it simply isn’t usually in my mind
Unless, for some reason it is

I usually go two days without,
nearly always so
Sometimes three,
but rarely four

A beard is,
when I grow one

Troublesome, too
And a beard has the effect
of ageing me,

People uninvited
openly agree,
once I’ve shaved it off
“It made you look old”
is what they say

So, I take solace
in the knowledge
that when I am truly elderly,
beard and I,
I guess we’ll be fine

Just not for now
But later

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