Working From Home

“Adam, I’m glad you came in
following our conversation on the fone.
Won’t you sit down, no?
Okay, let’s cut to the chase shall we?
Now, let me get this absolutely right,
you want me to give consideration
towards allowing you to work from home.
Is that right?”

“I really like your office, Mrs. Andersen.
I’ve never seen inside here before.”

“Thank you, it’s comfortable.”

“It’s colourful!”

“Yes Adam.
Now, working from home,
remember you said on the fone?
The issue here Adam, is that you are a Fork-Lift Driver.
Currently, you are based in the warehouse, lifting pallets.
You have been with the company now, for just six weeks.”

“Well, you see,
I’ve got Siribel’s Disease,
It isn’t catching
so you don’t need to worry –
but it isn’t curable, either.”

“How are you spelling that, Adam?

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