Dog, Fish?

Allow me to partially introduce these two good friends x and y. They meet regularly and are often to be seen wandering around the community museum for art and antiquity in their local city. They share deep conversations, mainly caused by invasive thoughts, covering a wide range of different topics.

Look, I can hear them! See! Here they are now, slowly padding along the wooden floor approaching the exit for the gallery of 19th century European Western art. It could be argued by anyone who gives a toss that both look deeply pensive. A springboard for creative chit-chat, possibly?

It’s getting on to lunch time, but they’re three floors up from the basement café. Let’s listen-in on the conversation, I sense that it is about to start now.

x: Grape or grain, but never the twain.

y: Beer before wine, you’ll feel fine. Whereas, wine before beer and you’ll feel rather queer.

x: Have I a fish face or a dog face? Do you know what I mean?

y: What? Tell you now – in this space, you ask me to come clean?

x: Tell me and I’ll tell you too. Although perhaps, already you know?

y: No, I know not. Maybe you can give me a little clue. Pray tell me, if I prefer a river or a field?

x: I’ve not seen this painting before, it must be new.

Having arrived, they pause in front of an ordinarily sized painting located in the Flemish Gallery, an unnecessarily small ante-chamber for such giants to be housed in.

y: She holds a lemon in her hand!

x: With her merchant husband away at sea, this symbolises her promise to him, her loyalty.

y: Dog face or fish face?

x: Her, dog, fish?

y: Definitely fish.

x: Yes, definitely fish.

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