I Need New Glasses, Frying Pan and Kitchen Bin

While at the time of buying the last frying pan, I swore to myself that I would maintain and clean after every use, until pristine… I did not. Now, that sad, browned pan with a wobbly handle, sits on the hob praying for disposal.

I’ve reached that point, when my stock of glasses has dipped below that sustainable line, when the glasses requiring washing and drying, outweigh by a sizeable margin, the numbers ready for action, hidden behind a wall cabinet door, shelfed, upturned and protected from dust and hair.

And, the kitchen bin: I have thought for a while now, that it is too small, needing emptying far too often.

Today, I bring good news. Six new, shiny, high-ball glasses and a plant-based, non-stick frying pan, have been purchased along with a new, thirty litre capacity kitchen bin, allowing the old one to shuffle up the line and provide service in the bathroom and the bathroom bin to be retired to the bedroom, for only occasional use.

To cap the retail therapeutic experience, I should have liked to purchase new light bulbs and an ethnic-style storage container for keeping all the felt tip pens I own in one place. I did not. My life will always be imperfect, I have learnt there is always more to do, that I am never quite finished.

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