Dead Giveaway

Alright, Oliver I am totally fed-up with this conversation.” Charlotte said, her smouldering eyes staring out one thousand yards across the vast void that was their marbled dining hall. Beyond the red Jarrah hardwood dinner table and chairs, the mirror-panelled wall reflected back her expression into Oliver’s view. He felt a twinge of sorrow for her, which he kept to himself.
“Great! I’m relieved, its felt like an intensive interrogation for over the last twenty minutes.”

“Well, you might as well have these back.” Charlotte slipped the bracelet catch open and let the silver chain spool onto the tabletop. Next, she swivelled the jewelled ring around back and forth, until it slid off her finger. Both earrings followed, one straight after the other. All the while, Oliver had watched in a stunned silence, feeling increasingly wrong-footed by his girlfriend of almost two years.
“Hey, look, what’s going on? What are you doing Charlotte, have you gone completely mad?”
“No Oliver, I’ve not gone mad. I just happen to know that Roo is the only woman in the whole of Alice Springs, who wears green lipstick.”

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