I’m Sorry About the Bracelet Gift

Do I wear the bracelet?
I avoided answering your question.
Easier, via text, after enough time has elapsed
The truth is: the volcanic beaded bracelet
Pinches the hairs on my skin

It doesn’t actually remove the hairs
Therefore, it returns to the same positions frequently
and pinches the hairs, all over again.

But, it feels like it is plucking
Without actually doing so.
Makes it difficult to wear,
unless I were to shave my wrist(?).

Which, I could do and would do
for you.
But, I think I won’t.
I will think of something

It won’t stretch over my head
but it might – over the ball of my heel
and become an anklet

I’m sure the hairs around my ankles
are stronger, not so soft
as around my wrists.

I really don’t know what will work
but it has got to be worth a go.

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