CoMiNG SooN: aN iNterView wiTh aN arTisT

Shortly re-tune-in and come back soon, not waste too much time to find out more, about this magnificence from a lowly background, in this openly revealing, world premiere interview especially rearranged for orchestra by Brinkinfield. What follows in the form of an excerpt, is a teaser trailer type of thing.

Brinkinfield: We’ve worked together for nearly over five years now, you’ve contributed all the artwork for all my writing since then apart from once, when we fell out. Over all that duration of time, I don’t believe that I’ve ever read an actual interview with you.
Can you explain to your fans, where exactly, your inspiration origins?

pedrov_dog: Well, first-off, hello to everyone, it’s a pleasure to be here within such palatial surroundings. And secondly-off, that’s a very good question.

Brinkinfield: Thank you.
Is it true you started-off acting in the porno industry, under the studio name: Stag Antler – and that your earnings ran into the trillions, but these were syphoned-off by your then-girlfriend, who also happened to be your agent, manager, accountant and investment advisor?

pedrov_dog: Well, no, that’s not entirely true. I’m not quite sure where you got that information from? What happened was, well, I applied for an audition but I never got back a reply. Nor, had I met my soon-to-be girlfriend, at that precise time.

Brinkinfield: Here’s a question submitted by a subscriber in Luton, out there in the so-called East Midlands of England, somewhere.

“How,” writes Barbara from Bedfordshire, “can you call yourself an artist, when you obviously can’t draw and can’t paint? All you actually do, is stick pictures together with glue and colour them in like a small child might, don’t you? Don’t you?”

pedrov_dog: Did she really write “Don’t you?”, twice like that?


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