all across the lands of the world
people will wear
whatever clothes they do dare
without fear

all remnants of taboo
are now removed
by the international council
for clothing and shoes

women can wear clothes
formally the reserve of men
and vice-versa
plus all the in-between

never before
was this seen, ever before
for sure, it’s not before time
now nowhere clothing is a crime

current leaders of industry
luminaries of the arts
the scientific old farts
sportspeople at the top of their game

power-crazed politicians
the whole caboodle
embrace and encourage
peacock by example

one day in the future
we’ll all look back, and laugh
naturally, and uncontrollably
at just how we did things in the past

©Brinkinfield 2021
Poem taken from the Ekphrasis Series 2021
Artwork ©pedrov_dog

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