Another, Banana

“A banana requires no knife
to split open.”
I said to my wife

But the look cast
within her eyes
brought forth an uneasy surprise

“What did you give up for lent?”
I asked, in an attempt
to thwart ill intent

“I gave up on you!”
She said, plain and simple
“Know this marriage is through!”

“But you’re my mother,” I told her
“I mean my lover, my pet, my beautiful slave.
Don’t be so silly, now don’t you misbehave!”

“Husband, I can’t live like this any longer,
in such complete misery.”
“Calm yourself,” I said sternly, “we’ll just have to see.”

The next day she’d packed and gone
away to stay with her sister, Anna
Resigned to my predicament I peeled another, banana

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