We met at the exotic Le Jardin Tropicana beach resort, on the island of Guadeloupe. It was love at first-sight for me seeing Danny there, sat on the grass giving his money away. I mean, he was literally throwing it up into the air for anyone to catch and keep. Our meeting on that day had seemed fated. You see, my name’s Danni too, now how about that!

Of course, I already had a boyfriend, one much closer to my own age. Danny is my age times two-and-a-half. Yes, I know, totally mad! Anyway, I had to think of an excuse pretty smartish to break up with Roberto. We’d only been together for three weeks, first meeting on the plane and in the airport, then sharing a taxi to here.

Italian, tall, blonde and handsome, it turns out Roberto is an amazing dancer, but an extreme disappointment between the sheets. I’ll spare you the details, as far as to say he is very fast out of the blocks. Within minutes of meeting Danny, I’d sent Roberto a brief text explaining that it’d been nice and thanks, however I’d met someone new. I imagined there would be some sadness at the disco tonight.

My first reaction on seeing Danny, overdressed for the climate and as I’ve said, sat there with money floating in the air all around him, was to help gather up as many of the notes as possible. It’d felt instinctual, somehow. Soon after, I noticed a cut on his hand, bleeding. As it so happened, I remembered a small medical pack that I’d kept in my handbag for years, never opened.

I sat myself down, next to Danny. He didn’t seem like he wanted to talk, so I didn’t attempt conversation. Instead, I removed a sterile swab out of the medical pack, tipped a little anti-bacterial lotion onto it and dabbed at the cut, gently cleaning away the blood. Holding his rugged hand in mine, I examined the wound close-up and blew it dry, pursing my lips together as I did so. Out came a band-aid, which when fixed in place I topped with a light kiss, as one might an envelope, before popping into a postbox.

When I looked up, I saw Danny looking down at me, smiling. Never had I ever seen such a charming gaze combination. He appeared entirely humbled, admiring me with eyes full of joy and desire! Still, he said not a word, preferring to rotate his jaw in an uneven orbit and cause an unusual chin wobble effect. I watched in awe, as his beard glistened in the sunshine, while my butter-like heart simply melted in the heat.

©Brinkinfield all rights reserved
Taken from the Ekphrasis Project

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