Katie and Bradley

Katie’s story:
“After we kissed for the very first time, I felt a little lighter, less blue than before. It was the first French kiss I’d ever experienced and admit, it’d seemed rather novel, leaving me feeling somewhat mysteriously stirred and happily bemused.”
Katie giggles.

Bradley’s story:
“When she agreed to a date, I determined in my mind that should she give consent, I would kiss her with my speciality, slow-repeater tongue-tip poke, kiss technique. I already knew it as a winner, with all the other girls I’d tried it on.”
Bradley beams.

Katie, again:
“Yes, unfortunately, things didn’t work out between us and exactly one year later, we broke up and never spoke to each other again, until today.”
Katie frowns.

Bradley, again:
“That’s right. My immaturity… love came and went; it really was all my fault.”
Bradley leaves.

Interviewer’s question:
“Would you take him back, give him another chance?”
Interviewer philosophises.

Katie’s reply:
“No, not now, not ever. Not after 365 days of problems. He’s someone I’d prefer to forget, to have permanently erased from my memory.”
Katie scowls.

Interviewer’s conclusion:
“Oh God, I see.”
Interviewer grimaces.

©Brinkinfield all rights reserved
Taken from the ekphrasis project

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