Can Confirm: Reincarnation is Real

I woke up today, after thinking I was dead
The floor was mid-yellow,
the walls were bright red.

An odd figure, sat, taking sips from a cup
Saw I’d awoken, glanced over … said “What’s up.”

“I’d thought I’d gone.”
“No mistake.” Figure replied.
“What’s with my voice? There’s no sub-woofer!” I cried.

“You’re back as woman, no longer a man.
Try it, you’ll like it. Sure to end up a fan.”

“Okay, let’s see then.
S’pose you’ve chosen
a name?”

“Sunna seemed good?
I am so pleased that you’re game.”

“Well,” I said,
“will give most things
one hearty spin.”

“That’s the attitude!”
Figure faced me a grin.

One question
I had,
for my curious friend:
“How come I’m female,
my manliness did end?”

“Well,” (a small sigh)
“it’s complicated,
you see.”
Figure leaned back,
swallowing dregs of the tea.

“I understand your need,
a solution.
View it like this:
as a well deserved promotion.”

On my knees I gave thanks,
waved goodbye.
Felt cool with my new life,
no longer a guy.

© Brinkinfield 2020 All Rights Reserved
Part of the Ekphrasis Project (poem inspired by a collage)

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