In the First Sixty Seconds

An ambassador. It sounds rather pretentious, doesn’t it? I’m not a real ambassador. An influencer? No, I’m probably considered a bit too old for that. What am I? I am an actor of stage, film, television drama and several incredibly lucrative voice-over spots for well established brands and household names. Seriously folks, a voice-over job is impossible to turn down. For a morning’s work, at worst possibly a couple of extra hours the next day, it is easy money. This is especially evident, when comparing the income versus effort ratio, against any other medium I am involved with. Of course, I need the other roles, to be considered for voice-over work in the first place. You can’t have one without the other!

Equally, this is how I have ended up as an ambassador for “Save Children Now!”. Excluding expenses, which are usually modest, this one is a freebie. Naturally, it keeps my image in the public eye, which has a positive knock-on effect to the development of my career, and ultimately, a comfortable retirement.

Contrary to what you might reasonably expect of an ambassador’s role, there’s not much travel involved, not lately. However, I have recently completed filming an appeal for “Save Children Now!”, commissioned by the charity to help raise funds for what’s been happening in Belarus. It was a lot of fun, a friendly crew, good script and Madison, the child actor involved, she played an orphaned Belarusian schoolgirl to perfection. Her accent was just so amazing! Big opportunities lay ahead for that young lady, if she wants them.

And so, this is the thing. A pool of actors employed as ambassadors, they set up a league table, where your position is determined by how much your advert raises within the first sixty seconds following the end of the broadcast. Each time the advert airs, that first minute of revenue is totted up and generates a score. I don’t administer the league, so don’t push me too hard on details. We get to see monthly statistics, so I know I currently lay twelth, out of twenty-two other actors. On the thirty-first of March each year, all the actors involved, we each receive a text announcing the overall winner for the year. The prize is to have all your drinks paid for, when out socialising with any member or members of the group for the next twelve months. Obviously, the charities involved know nothing about the league. But it’s fun, adds a little rivalry and competition between colleagues.

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Part of the Ekphrasis Project (story inspired by a collage)

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