Next Morning

From a series of short form fictions taking inspiration from collage

“Listen!” Gabriela held still, training her ear to the initial drops of rain splotching against the bedroom window. “Don’t you just love that sound?”
Opening his eyes, adjusting to the environment, Duncan considered the question. This soon gave way to a deeper analysis inside his mind. “I’m not sure darling. The sound of rain has the potential for a variety of different associations – both good and bad. Don’t you agree?” Uncertain what to say or do next and – on impulse, he gently pinched his wife’s left buttock with index finger and thumb. Reading an expression of pleasant surprise cross over her face, Duncan promptly followed this up with a satisfying slap to her right buttock.

While he remained still, staring up towards the eternal blankness of the ceiling, Gabriela laughed joyously and rolled off his hairy chest to lay beside him.
“Duncan?” she said, enjoying the gentle pulse of a stinging sensation, left where his hand had made contact with her skin. “My love, can I ask you something?
“Yes Sweetheart of course, what’s on your mind?”
“Well… Duncan, you are such a very curious fellow. I wonder, has anyone ever told you this before?”
“Oh God yes!” He winced involuntarily, as a flip-book of visual memories flooded his imagination, recalling each specific instance from the past. “All the time – throughout all my life – from childhood to adulthood. Yes indeed, this has very often been told to me before.”

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