Pologies to Bob

*How many times must a writer revise and edit,Before satisfaction is grasped?How many times must the same thing be read,Before an end can be named?The answer is countless, infinite and forever,The answer is insanity comes first. *Ironically, this whole verse written in one single go.But maybe it shows? (Inspiration/explanation: The author is currently caught in… Continue reading Pologies to Bob

The Rudeness of Strangers

People as strangers, I find generally rude.That's how I feel, as an average dude.They live by a raging, self-entitled arrogance,A template used, based on sheer ignorance. I've witnessed this attitude, cut through social strata,From London to Milan, New York and Bogota.Not only these cities, but across the whole globe,Offence found in all places, I've chosen… Continue reading The Rudeness of Strangers

Is There Anybody Out There?

There's no one out there,I've determined.When help is needed, Or a valid complaint is made,Deserving of an answer.I'm basically talking to the stars. Although simply put,It supports the idea,Of a programmer,Responsible for my life simulation. Because, He/She/They don't know the answers.They maybe studying, experimenting,Perhaps having some recreational fun.Or, I am a pet. Originally,A novelty.But God… Continue reading Is There Anybody Out There?