I Can Explain

From a series of short form fictions taking inspiration from collage “I’m not accustomed to being referred to as ‘Love’, thank you very much.” Samuel Shepherd, sheep-herder ancestral, turned away from the headstrong young man. "And, despite your good luck with herding the flock this afternoon, I'm sorry Henning, but I do not see the… Continue reading I Can Explain

Some Kind Of Sick Joke

The third instalment from a series of short form fiction; inspiration taken from collage by pedrov_dog That was some weird experience. One minute I’m at Susie's party, dancing - with Susie and Beth under the disco ball and the next, said disco ball - without warning, falls from the ceiling, lands on my head, knocking… Continue reading Some Kind Of Sick Joke

But Next Day

The first instalment from a series of short form fiction; inspiration taken from collage by pedrov_dog Mother said there's no point learning to drive, but next day this man arrives saying he's my driving instructor. There're things about him I don't like. I don't like his clothes or his beard, how he talks to me… Continue reading But Next Day


My dearest Jemima Journal, I am sure you will understand.It's time to review that top drawer,Pull socks-and-pants from a dark hinterland. Resembling a bloated melange,Absent form, lacking pairing and folding,A call for a cull I broadcast,Cruel riddance applied, not withholding. They must go! They must go! Go they must!These relatively old worn-out saggy things.Slung in… Continue reading Socks-and-Pants

I Wore A Leopard Print Shirt

I KNOW what they were thinking, seeing mewear a leopard-print shirt.That I was making some kind of statement,What next, lipstick - a short plaid skirt? Conservative society (with a lowercase "c"),You've got to stand down, let people be free.Otherwise... You validate thugs, to behave how they want.My advice: mainstream-insiders, just be... nonchalant. "Ah, but you're… Continue reading I Wore A Leopard Print Shirt