I Can Explain

From a series of short form fictions taking inspiration from collage “I’m not accustomed to being referred to as ‘Love’, thank you very much.” Samuel Shepherd, sheep-herder ancestral, turned away from the headstrong young man. "And, despite your good luck with herding the flock this afternoon, I'm sorry Henning, but I do not see the… Continue reading I Can Explain

Some Kind Of Sick Joke

The third instalment from a series of short form fiction; inspiration taken from collage by pedrov_dog That was some weird experience. One minute I’m at Susie's party, dancing - with Susie and Beth under the disco ball and the next, said disco ball - without warning, falls from the ceiling, lands on my head, knocking… Continue reading Some Kind Of Sick Joke

But Next Day

The first instalment from a series of short form fiction; inspiration taken from collage by pedrov_dog Mother said there's no point learning to drive, but next day this man arrives saying he's my driving instructor. There're things about him I don't like. I don't like his clothes or his beard, how he talks to me… Continue reading But Next Day


My dearest Jemima Journal, I am sure you will understand.It's time to review that top drawer,Pull socks-and-pants from a dark hinterland. Resembling a bloated melange,Absent form, lacking pairing and folding,A call for a cull I broadcast,Cruel riddance applied, not withholding. They must go! They must go! Go they must!These relatively old worn-out saggy things.Slung in… Continue reading Socks-and-Pants

I Wore A Leopard Print Shirt

I KNOW what they were thinking, seeing mewear a leopard-print shirt.That I was making some kind of statement,What next, lipstick - a short plaid skirt? Conservative society (with a lowercase "c"),You've got to stand down, let people be free.Otherwise... You validate thugs, to behave how they want.My advice: mainstream-insiders, just be... nonchalant. "Ah, but you're… Continue reading I Wore A Leopard Print Shirt

Pologies to Bob

*How many times must a writer revise and edit,Before satisfaction is grasped?How many times must the same thing be read,Before an end can be named?The answer is countless, infinite and forever,The answer is insanity comes first. *Ironically, this whole verse written in one single go.But maybe it shows? (Inspiration/explanation: The author is currently caught in… Continue reading Pologies to Bob