Found in the morning, a day after Valentine’s,
Fast asleep underneath, a tree near my work.
Kneeling beside you, I felt for vital signs,
Carefully checking, making sure you were’nt hurt.

Beautiful fluffy big brown teddy bear,
Abandoned and dumped, after some lovers’ fight.
Gently I carried you, inside to a chair,
Wheeled to the front window, bathed in sunlight.

I thought you’d be claimed, given some time,
Weekdays I drove you, between office and abode.
Over weekends you stayed and together we’d dine,
A page slowly turned, to a new episode.

Our first proper date, recalls my friends’ wedding.
Banned from the church, we made the reception.
Shy and unsure, it was something you were dreading,
Yet all heads turned, without any exception.

Later same night, we escaped to the park.
Came to a bandstand, stared up at the stars.
Kept ourselves warm, huddled-up in the dark,
Listened to nature and the buzzing of cars.

Since then, we’ve been inseparable.

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