Cinema Seating Hunch

Today and yesterday I tried
a look at the cinema’s seat
layout and position.

Usually I sit at the back,
having to tolerate
heads bobbing and mouths chattering,
I find can irritate.

Third row from the screen ‘came my choice,
exactly dead centre.
Screen seemed really big that close up,
I began to wonder…

Worried my eyes weren’t big enough,
forever scanning right,
left, up, down, diagonally,
suffering blurry sight.

Yet no, I liked my head moving.
Immersed, no distraction.
Et habitus I’ll now adopt,
this hunch that gained traction.

An aside: both films I rated.
It was ‘Joker’ I saw.
Also Lulu Wang’s ‘The Farewell’,
I’d watched the day before.

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