Before I Knew What A Trampoline Was

When I was smaller and growing,In the suburbs of old Aberdeen,Each bairn from our neighbourhood had, Turns out, their own trampoline. Above the back garden fences,Excitement accelerates skyward.Tri-umphant arms waved in the air,While leaping as high as they could. Intrigue provoked as I stared, Grappling the whole mystery.And how those high jumpers appeared,Only marginally older… Continue reading Before I Knew What A Trampoline Was

Snowflake vs Yam

Every snowflake is uniqueThey say -Those People who say such things Who am I to doubt?And The People who hear such thingsThose People say "Wow!" "As is every yam"A dear friend said to me"No two yams are exactly the same" And yet, The People who hear such thingsThose People seem less than impressedBy this particular… Continue reading Snowflake vs Yam


Found in the morning, a day after Valentine's,Fast asleep underneath, a tree near my work.Kneeling beside you, I felt for vital signs,Carefully checking, making sure you were'nt hurt. Beautiful fluffy big brown teddy bear,Abandoned and dumped, after some lovers' fight.Gently I carried you, inside to a chair,Wheeled to the front window, bathed in sunlight. I… Continue reading Bear

The Scientists Say

Some scientists now sayThis pale blue dotHas had it's day.The scientists say,Today this pale blue dot,Is more a dirty grey. Over centuries of spewing out pollution,Beyond Earth, the Solar System.Our rubbish has now conversed,With the outer Universe. And the scientists are now saying,The possibilities are weighing,Toward catastrophic Divine Retribution,The end point for all Evolution. But… Continue reading The Scientists Say