We Want Our Road Signs & Street Furniture Clean!

I often feel the urge to clean Dirty road signs, 30 Speed limit, a fingerpost, route Confirmation, place nameOr neglected row of bollards And refresh a telephone boxSanitise the handsetSparkle the windows, leave a bowl Of potpourri on shelf After all, the obscuring grime Put there, for some of itI'm responsible. A visit Proves so… Continue reading We Want Our Road Signs & Street Furniture Clean!

What Did Elvis Know About the Sex Pistols?

Anything? At all? The timing's quite tightis my belief: Elvis, deadthe Pistols rise to fame His last performancethe summer of '77 Their firstnotedperformance1976 When did they receive initial airplayin the USofA? I am weaned-offinternet search enginesI reckon a guessis good enough What would The Kinghave made of the anarchists? And they of him? Let's imaginebriefly:… Continue reading What Did Elvis Know About the Sex Pistols?


Give up your ill-gotten gainkings queens lords and dukesof lands where forests once thrivedmove out move on leave If your palaces, castles and manors decaycrumble down into the groundI care not one jot Ivy creep over all wallslet the roof fall indust and cobwebs catch the lightchandelier dull "An ancestral generalhe helped win a warblood… Continue reading Duke

Looks Like Sunshine

If the plug ever gets pulledon the internet and theworld wide web collapsesinto a silk thread mess how will we tell the weather?We'll look out through our windows there every morningwe'll eye the sky Everyone will learn about clouds againunderstand what the hues of redorange and purple meanthe breeze and the rain the behaviour of… Continue reading Looks Like Sunshine