Barefoot in Church

Is it a strange urge
to go barefoot in church?
Although broadly ignorant of customs,
I know it’s okay in some places.
In some religions it might be a condition
of entry, for a place of worship.

But I’m not sure,
as I say, a lack of education
and of a will to research now
to know, leaves me in the dark.

if stumbled upon and seen,
will I be challenged,
forcibly ejected?

“And why mister?
Why’d you want to go barefoot
in church, in the first place?”
it’s a sensory thing
is all I can think, in answer
to this particular question.

In the usual manner
entering a church –
shoes and socks firmly in place.
I kind of absorb something
of the atmosphere inside,
and this generates feelings inside of me.

“Well what kind of feelings are those, weirdo?”
I don’t know.

Feelings of calm and peace?
There is beauty in the construction
and decoration,
I touch a wall,
feel the stonework.
Admire artwork,
consider inscriptions.
Enjoy the

Even in a small church,
there is a lot of empty space around me.

Anyway, so I did it.
I found a church.
Empty, yet with it’s main door wide open,
which felt symbolic for the matter at hand.

No one inside.
With antenna fine tuned,
able to hear the advance warning of
somebody approaching from the outside.
I felt safe.

Shoes and socks slipped off with ease.
Socks in my pockets (ankle socks)
Shoes, on the floor, near my shoulder-bag.

I walked down the central aisle.
I walked into the chancel.
I walked up to the high altar.
I stood and considered,
Reviewed all sensations.

Back to the nave, more wanderings,
then sat.
Felt confident.

And also more connected to the experience
than ever before.

Although, would I like it
if everyone walked barefoot
in church?

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