down the years

you wear those pads
secured with elastic
under your feet
to preserve your beautiful arches

disbelief reverberates through the words
within your question

to preserve them
not like every day
more like when I know I will have much walking to do
or if I’m going for a jog

run, you mean

yes, run I mean
and it’s because they are beautiful arches
people have commented
down the years

now new words nearly fail you

have told you

I say
what part of you
do you think is beautiful
don’t be shy
tell me

you hesitate
you delay
you are reluctant to say

my shoulders
I suppose I’ve always liked the curve of my shoulders

and people have told you too
I’d guess
because they

they have
down the years

there you go
we both have things we think are beautiful
it’s incidental
other people think so too
isn’t that pleasing and comforting to know

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