Promoted by the New York Boyer Foundation, inviting anyone to participate in an international art exhibition. Exhibition runs through November 2018 at the New York Public Library Hudson Park Branch. The theme and media are open/free, dimensions, maximum size 8.5"x11" (22cm x 28cm). No sales, no jury, no returns. Submission requires name, title, media, date,… Continue reading NEW YORK – BIG APPLE IV: MAIL ART SHOW

the rise of the dandelions

The sun glared down from a clear sky onto a grassy knoll at high noon, on a hot mid-summer's day. Aster, transient Empress Taraxacum Dandeliona, surveyed her vast weed army spread out before her. Already, white seeds sprouted amongst her bright yellow petals, indicating the completion of her life-cycle drew near. Soon, her seed distribution… Continue reading the rise of the dandelions

Max Ernst’s “Une Semaine de Bonté: Lundi, l’eau” (writing prompt)

Bernadette's Dream Max: Patrice, Patrice! Good God man, provide me with your assistance! Patrice: Nothing else matters now Max… Nothing, else, matters... Max: Patrice! Help me drag poor Marcel to safety. It did not work, he is close to death! You said the waters held healing powers. It is bullshit Patrice, complete bullshit! If you… Continue reading Max Ernst’s “Une Semaine de Bonté: Lundi, l’eau” (writing prompt)