v-sign man

Brrr-rrr-rrrp. Brrr-rrr-rrrp. Brrr-rrr-rrrp. ‘click’ Connolly: Central monitoring, Connolly here. Douglas: Chief, Douglas here, we’ve got a reocurrence on the CCTV network, popping up all over the show. Thought it best to report. Connolly: A recurrence? Douglas: Yes boss, a recurrence. That’s what I meant. Connolly: What kind of recurrence? You got a software bug there?…… Continue reading v-sign man

space time communion

A short burst of escaping pressurised air caused his eyelids to lighten, lift, fall shut and re-open. A blurred impression of the outside came inside, a white ceiling, monitor equipment emitting a pulse tone and figure standing nearby. A voice echoed inside his ears, gradually becoming more clear. He felt smooth fingers stroke the top…… Continue reading space time communion