corner shop

Inside the local corner-shop, I located most of my list
Except for the Marmite, the one item missed
I asked a busy shop assistant, feeling tired on my feet
She looked at me strangely and asked me to repeat

I said the sentence slowly, she said it back to me
Initially saying no, then dashing to aisle three
Checking shelves up and down, she said no once more
Shook her head, apologetically and asked me what it’s for

Then I espied a row of Marmite jars, on the bottom shelf
And pointed blurting there that’s them, while hopping like an elf
She picked a jar, looked closely, Mar – mite I heard her say
I said not to worry and to have a nice day

Trying to take my basket, saying she’d help me to the till
I told her really I was fine thank you, how I held no ill-will
At checkout a bell pepper wouldn’t scan, I knew just what this meant
Help got called and along she came, skipping as she went

The label flattened by her thumb, the scanner made a beep
A triumphant smile crossed her face, eyes closed as if asleep
I paid the bill while thanking her, then made towards the door
But a rugby tackle around my legs, brought me tumbling to the floor

Your change young sir, your change, it’s something you forgot
Shouting at me hand held out, it really wasn’t a lot
Stood upright and both brushing down, a third thank you in a row
I gestured to the charity tin, saying I really have to go.


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