Inside the local corner-shop, I located most of my list
Except for the Marmite, the only item missed
Asked a busy shop assistant, feeling tired on my feet
She looked at me strangely and asked me to repeat

I said the sentence slowly, she said it back to me
Initially saying no, then dashing down aisle three
All shelves checked up & down, said no to me once more
Shook her head apologetically and asked me what it’s for

I glimpsed a row of Marmite jars, sat on the bottom shelf
Pointed blurting there that’s them, hopping like an elf
Picking up a pot, Marm – mite I heard her say
I told her yes – that’s the one and to have a lovely day

Grabbing hold my basket, said she’d help me to the till
I told her really I’m fine thank you, how I held no ill-will
At checkout a pepper chose not to scan, I knew just what this meant
Help got called and along she came, skipping as she went

The label flattened by her thumb, the scanner made a beep
A triumphant smile crossed her face, eyes closed as if asleep
I paid the bill while thanking her, then made towards the door
Around my legs a rugby tackle, sent me tumbling to the floor

Your change young sir, your change, it’s something you forgot
Staring at me hand held out, it really was not a lot
Standing up both brushing down, a third thank-you in a row
I gestured towards a charity tin, saying I really had to go.


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