all fuss about nothing

“… in other news, an artist based in Oxford stirred up a storm with his photographic busking, and we go straight over now to our art’s correspondent Jan Futchinelle to find out what all the fuss is about. Jan, what can you tell us?”
“Arthur thank you. Well you find me here on Pigeon Toe Lane, with these sturdy iron fence railings just behind me, where the artist known as Brinkinfield has been hanging several of his photographic collage works and has a hat on the floor in front of him containing small loose change given by a few passersby. I’m glad to say the artist responsible is here with me, providing an opportunity to find out what it’s all about. So Brinkinfield, what is it all about, exactly?”
“Well, okay, the pieces you see here aren’t for sale. They are here for viewing. Having looked at the images, if anyone wants to drop some loose change into the hat, I’m happy.”
“What makes you think people will, aren’t people simply going to look and walk on?”
“Sure Jan, people may do – and that’s okay. Likewise, there’ll be people who contribute. There are no rules, people can do whatever they want.”
“I see you have a brief of this concept written on a piece of cardboard next to the hat.”
“That’s right, I do.”
“Now this image, if I can ask Nicky operating the camera to move in here so our viewers can see it, this image has caused quite a stir amongst the clergy. Viewers need to bear in mind, Pigeon Toe Lane is sandwiched between two churches, St Barnaby and St Muriel, while situated just a stone’s throw from the university’s men of the cloth college. Brinkinfield, describe what we are looking at and just what the idea is behind the idea”
“Okay… Sure, it is a composite digital photo made up of three elements. The chair, floor and skirting board make up one part, the wall another and dead Jesus the third part.”
Dead Jesus?”
“Yes Jan. The image is from a painting showing Jesus taken down from the cross after the crucifixion. At that point, sorry to break it to you, but he was dead. It’s an important element of the stories in the Bible, in terms of what came next. The wall shows the shadow created by sun shining through windows, conjuring up the image of the cross, or crosses if you will. Jesus had company on that day, as I understand it. The chair just seemed to work well. If I could be bothered to re-do the image, I’d reduce the scale of Jesus a little, but you know, it is what it is, for now.”
“And you don’t think this may cause offence to some people?”
“The picture as a whole? Yes, I imagine so, to some people.”
“Are you attempting to make a statement? Isn’t the juxtaposition within the image disrespectful at all?”
“No, no intent there, that’s for sure. I love images of Jesus.”
“Right. Well, let’s ask some people walking by – ah, here’s someone. Excuse me madam! What do you think of this, here?”
“Oh, are you that journalist who writes about the road situation in Oxford?”
“Well, yes I am.”
“Oh that piece on the rudeness and arrogance of motorcyclists!”
“Yes, yes, that was me.”
“My son was furious about it. He rides a Yamaha YZF-R1, says he’s always a polite road-user.”
“Oh, right, I see. Well, what do you think of this image here on the railings?”
“Yes please, your thoughts?”
“I think it’s beautiful, evocative, really makes you think.”
“Oh, right, I see. Thank you.”
“That’s alright, I have to go now.”
“Well, I think we’re going back to the studio, where I understand Arthur has an update on the furore surrounding university lecturers and inappropriate behaviour. Is that right Arthur?”
“Thank you Jan, yes that’s right.”


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