Short Fiction: Breaking News, Episode 3

Following on from the well-received and successful posting concerning local Oxford news, and after much cajoling from well-meaning readers, supporters, friends, family and financial backers, this next instalment turns the eye-glass lens toward current European news. With fluency is 17 languages, including Swiss, Swedish and Swahili (usiniamini?), I have picked out and translated truthful media… Continue reading Short Fiction: Breaking News, Episode 3

OCD Stories: Perpendicular Pat (part one)

No one knew where Pat had come from or how he'd landed the driver's job. A transfer from an outlying British Oversea Territory became the favoured theory, amongst work colleagues. As a tall and broad-shouldered man, no one cared to challenge or question Pat. During the household waste collection rounds, neighbours noticed how he approached… Continue reading OCD Stories: Perpendicular Pat (part one)

i repeat myself

I wonder of the last meaningful word I'll utter, mutter, perhaps merely think of, for that matter, if I have lost the desire or ability to speak. As a baby, I know for sure, repetition formed my world. Habits grew. The least most era, spiked around my teens. But since then, an ever decreasing and… Continue reading i repeat myself